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Invite Nate to speak at your next event or church service

Please use this form to tell us more about your event.  We will prayerfully consider every invitation that we receive.  Please keep in mind that all travel expenses (airfare, gas, lodging, food, etc) as well as any offerings and honorariums are to be covered by the hosting church or organization.  We will do our best to respond to your invitation promptly.  Thank you so much for the invite!
Here is a list of topics that Nate loves to teach on

The Gospel
Healing and Deliverance
The Religious Spirit
What is God's Will?
The Power of Thanksgiving

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Praying and Speaking in Tongues
And much more...

Invite Nate

Please give as much information as possible - thank you!

Are you willing to set up and staff a table at your event to sell Nate's book?
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