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We often speak harshly of the Pharisees when we read about all the ridiculous things they said and did during the time of Jesus.  Have you ever noticed though, that they were acting the way they were out of a deep love for Yahweh?  Yes, even sending Jesus to to the Cross was out of zeal for the same God that we serve today.  So how could they have been so blind?  They were influenced by a religious spirit.


The religious spirit is a demonic entity tasked with masquerading as the Holy Spirit. It operates in the Church by influencing Christians to engage in behaviors and thought that seem righteous and holy, but actually bring division and destruction.  In The Religious Spirit, Nate examines the work of this spirit, from the seeds in which it is allowed to take root, to the tactics it employs, to the harmful fruit it produces, to the method for gaining freedom from its nasty influence.  This fascinating book will equip everyday believers to identify and destroy the influence of the religious spirit in their lives.

The Religious Spirit

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